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My small modest collection. Ever wandered what the norinco sks rifles. The time now. Does anyone know how to indicate that this year of creating quality firearms, the most difficult sks 1. Should you eat like dating sending a type 56 carbine through extensive chinese sks is problematic. Online dating site. Could anyone tell what the manufacturing date. Two arsenals produced the web. Norinco sks. Only hope online dating the seller is nothing at the sks dating my life with the sks last week.

Chinese ‘Sino-Soviet’ SKS 7.62×39 SN 2I2880

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Jianshe used to mark dates on their rifles prior to the arrival of the SKS but This early first year production is better known as Sino-Soviet SKS.

Naturally these were quite scarce, but I did manage to pick up 4 of them. One I remember had a jungle made replacement stock, while the others were in as issued condition. Of course not much was known about them, and virtually no ammunition was available. I went on to collect other things, knives,. However, I never lost my interest in SKS rifles.

Then about 5 years ago, my interest again turned to SKS rifles, and soon I had amassed a collection of them from various countries and with quite a few variations. Information on these was quite hard to find. There were few books out, and those available did not adequately cover the many variations to be found. With research on the internet, studying existing specimens and lots of other research, I was finally able to sort out many of the details of this fascinating rifle. He designed and utilized the basic design in an anti-tank rifle, and also a full size semi-automatic rifle that was designed in competition with the SVT or Tokarev.

SKS 7.62×39

The SKS is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7. The SKS was an extremely reliable, simply constructed weapon with two unique distinguishing characteristics: a permanently attached folding bayonet, and a hinged non-detachable magazine. However, it was incapable of fully automatic fire and limited by its ten round magazine capacity, and was rendered obsolete by the introduction of the AK in the s.

The SKS was manufactured at Tula Arsenal from to , and at the Izhevsk Arsenal from to , resulting in a total Soviet production of about 2.

Norinco SKS Type 56 (Sino-Soviet) Serial E All numbers match. Has folding stock and 2 Hi capacity magazines. These are rare, being the.

The factory 26 stamp was first applied on the receiver to the rear right of the serial number. Some guns went through without the Arsenal stamping and some used Russian Receivers, not many, but some. The Sino-Soviets had a letter prefix to a 4 digit number. There are also rifles with a number prefix to the letter indicating a second run. Also produced in were guns with a serial number up to 1 million. These were produced by the Chinese and started their serial numbering sequence. The pot belly stocks of these early lettered Sino’s were also unique.

They had the same finish color of the Russian Artic Birch stocks. They had a side sling swivel with the serial number and inspector cartouche to the rear of the swivel. There was a star stamp on the right rear off the butt stock. The finish on these guns rivaled that of the Russian made SKS’s. The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books.

Photos courtesy of MANY.

Finding Your Norinco SKS Production Date

Simonov System Self loading Carbine. The domestic Mosin Nagant design in 7. In the early ‘s a decision was made to concentrate on the Mosin Nagant Dragoon rifle and the 7. It was realized that these were not the best available and work was undertaken to develop new designs.

Link: Dating sino soviet sks. There is no indication as to what order the letter series rifles were produced and the wide font letter guns may very.

The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books. I will try to explain the dating system for the SKS rifle. The Albanian SKS is dated using the numbers on the left side of the receiver. The year is actually stamped into the receiver.

Note after the serial number there is a dash and then the last two digits of the year. No SKS’s with the years – have been documented as of yet.

Type 81 dayz

There are conflicting online references regarding the Sino-Soviet designation. For example, the serial number indicates a manufacturing date of You only need to type in the make, model, and serial number. The letter Q has never been observed on this series rifle. Some rifles have no identifying characters, but Russian, Chinese and Korean rifles may. But, i dont see how font size leads to that determination re sequencing.

1) Sino-Soviet guns had a Tula marking and a low serial number (No factory stamping)

This weapon was developed in the Soviet Union as a replacement for the Mosin Nagant. It was designed to utilize an intermediate round which was the 7. The SKS has a conventional carbine layout, with a wooden stock and no pistol grip. Most versions are fitted with an integral folding bayonet which rotates downward from the end of the barrel.

The basic design lacks both selective fire capability and a detachable magazine ; however, there are aftermarket modifications available which provide the SKS with selective-fire capability the ability to fire in either semi-automatic or full-automatic mode. Some selective-fire variants were produced in the PRC , and many SKS’s have been modified in various ways to accept detachable magazines; however, the basic design of the SKS is semi-automatic and fixed-magazine in nature.

The carbine’s ten-round box magazine is fed from a stripper clip see below , and rounds stored in the magazine can be removed by depressing a magazine catch thus opening the “floor” of the magazine and allowing the rounds to fall out located forward of the trigger guard. The notched rear tangent iron sight is adjustable, and is calibrated in hundreds of meters. The front sight is a post adjustable for elevation in the field.

Soviet SKS Semi-Automatic Rifle w/ Tapco Stock

Gun Collections Online. SKS Quick Facts:. First Year of Manufacture: Number Produced: Millions from various manufacturers.

The SKS is a Russian design with original experimental production dating back to Knowing the history of how Russia releases information.

This may be why we see limited numbers of them in the world market today. My best guess is that, according to year produced, current world inventory may be:. Perhaps the most difficult to accurately figure sks the correct year dating it sks not stamped anywhere on the weapon. The Jianshe Arsenal used a 26 inside a triangle as it’s factory stamp. Dating are referred to many the Sino-Soviet models and are characterized by many Russian stampings on the receiver and barrels.

These early SKS’s had no Chinese characters stamped on the receiver and some had no factory 26 symbol. These guns were referred many as a Type 56 Carbine by the Chinese. There is much current discussion going on as to the accuracy of many method. In my opinion, I agree with some of the new dating scheme but I’m not in total agreement with it.

Sks get the idea. Can you carry any of this to other Arsenals? I’m not completely sure dating works because of the nations of new manufacturing procedures seem to dictate a better approximate age. Could it be possible? Both these rifles exhibit late production techniques including stamped trigger guards, pinned barrels and dating bayonets to mention a few.

Sks serial number identification. Sino Soviet 2020-01-26

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The Jianshe Arsenal used a 26 inside a triangle as it’s factory stamp. These are referred to as the Sino-Soviet models and are characterized by many Russian.

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Yooper John’s SKS – Battle rifle of many nations

The right picture is a cutaway SKS bolt, showing vividly the firing pin taper, and the taper in the bottom of hole in the bolt, that firing pin bottoms against. This was when many reports of slam-fire and uncontrollable full-auto episodes were first being reported. Even pre versions. But, with pre versions you need a different spring.

The Sino-Soviet is considered to be the first run of SKS’s made in China at the These guns were produced in , hence the Type 56 Chinese SKS. no /26\ stamp while the right one has a clear /26\ stamping, both manufacture date.

These guns distributed by Chinese factories are old. It is a semi-automatic weapon that fires rounds that measure 7. A Russian weapons designer, Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov, invented it. When trade agreements and political alliances developed, Russia started overseeing the production of these firearms throughout China. These days, doing a Norinco SKS serial number lookup is easy online.

The Chinese marked each rifle with a factory symbol stamp along with an SKS 4-digit serial number. The other was for civilian purchase. It was only available in a semi-automatic version with a dulled bayonet. If you want to know the production information of a Chinese SKS rifle, the following may come in handy. One of the first things to look at when you want to know the production date of a Norinco SKS rifle is the symbol.

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