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Resident Assistants are trained student leaders who have the responsibility of supervising students living in a residence hall while having the opportunity to demonstrate the values of UNG within the campus setting. RAs spend significant time undergoing training in crisis management, student advocacy, programming, time-management, and peer counseling. Because of the skills developed through these positions, RAs are often prepared to make successful transitions from the college environment to the job market demonstrating strong leadership training, management skills, and community involvement as part of their collegiate experience. Reference forms will be available on November 6, for each applicant. The reference form is available on the Residence Life webpage. Completed RA applications are due by p.

Resident Assistant (RA)

Our Resident Advisor process typically begins in October and concludes in February. Due to current vacancies, the position has been reopened for the Academic Year. Please see our timeline for below:. In order for a candidate to successfully have a completed application, they must complete the three following tasks:. Resident Advisor Employment Application.

An RA must be a full-time student carrying a minimum course load of at least 15 College Major: ______ Expected Graduation Date: _____.

Trust me. If your toilet is clogged, try to plunge it before coming to us. Yes, I have unclogged a few toilets in my time. Being able to solve your own problems is a huge sign of maturity. We need our sleep and our study time. We need a moment to breathe. Making these can be one of the most time-consuming parts of our jobs. We put our lifeblood into our floor decorations and bulletin board. One of the biggest insults an RA can receive is someone tearing down or vandalizing our decorations.

By the time orientation and move-in day come around, we have been through hours and hours of training, making sure your room is clean, decorating the halls, putting together welcome packets, and learning everything there is to know about being an RA. You should do the same.

Resident Assistant (RA) Selection

If you come to one of our parties, you might have to do an icebreaker. Keep in mind that, usually, that sound signifies that someone is in danger and needs our help. Use it wisely.

RA dating students. What are your thoughts on dating a student on your floor? How can it be done discreetly? My floor is made up of apartments, so the.

Student Affairs offices are operating both in-person and remotely. Gain leadership, communication, counseling skills, and much more in an exciting residential environment. To qualify for the program, students must have completed 12 Penn State credits upon application does NOT include advanced placement, transfer or current semester credits. In addition, the candidate must demonstrate good academic standing with at least a 2. You must register with your Penn State email account or you will not be able to enter the information session.

Enter Keywords. Become an RA. Am I eligible to become an RA? How to I apply to be an RA? The application will not open until after the first information session. Click here to register in Zoom Friday, September 4 p. Click here to register in Zoom Tuesday, September 8 p. Click here to register in Zoom Wednesday, September 9 p.

Residence Life: Resident Assistant

Or, move your cursor near the tool to display it. They serve the residential community through a variety of responsibilities including programming, mediation, crisis response and policy enforcement. Residential Life also offers a variety of RA positions to help meet the needs of certain populations of students.

Important Dates. Date, Selection Event, Location, Time. Fri., October 18, , RA Selection Materials are available online.

If you have not received an email, please email RArecruitment orl. Note: If the Group Interview sign up form stated that there were no more available slots, the form has now been adjusted to include more times. Please try again. If you continue to have issues, please email us asap. Note: In the event that the timeline changes or there are any delays, candidates will be contacted by the committee.

Yes – If you are interested in living in on-campus housing, we encourage you to submit a housing application by the deadline. In the event that you are hired, your deposit will be returned. Residential Life is beginning its efforts to maximize the number of students able to participate in the leadership development opportunity of serving as a Resident Assistant.

With that, please note that beginning the academic year of , both the Resident Assistant and Lead Resident Assistant positions are limited to a one year appointment.

Resident Advisors

Welcome back to Clarke University! Together, we will cultivate new ways of delivering the Clarke experience — supporting each other and our community. We stand as One Clarke, One Community. Contact the Office of Residence Life. RAs should also possess patience, a sense of humor, strong communication skills and the ability to complete paperwork in a timely manner.

College(s) attended (include dates). Date of first semester in college: Are you living in a dormitory/have you Attn: R.A./Office Staff Application Transcript.

Becoming a resident assistant, also known as resident adviser or RA, while in college is a great way to build personal and professional skills and save money, too. Most RAs get free or discounted housing in exchange for taking on the role of monitoring and supporting undergraduates in college campus housing, such as a dormitory. Being an RA is about more than saving money, though; it also entails serving as a role model for your peers and incoming students. This guide will help you to better understand what it takes to be successful as an RA and provide tips on how to thrive in this demanding and important role.

Davia Rose Lassiter is an award-winning communications professional and marketing strategist with experience in publication management, journalism, graphic design, social media and public relations. Davia honed her talents working for a variety of newspapers, magazines, websites and nonprofit organizations. A native of Bessemer, Alabama, Alexius Sims is a second-semester junior at Talladega College, majoring in social work. Chandra Thomas Whitfield is an award-winning, Denver-based print, broadcast and multimedia journalist and regular contributor to NBCNews.

But as your heart becomes set on being an RA, you should know that the path to becoming one usually requires showing that you are a good fit for the job through an extensive and competitive application process. So make sure you are ready, willing and able to sell yourself first. However, if you enjoy serving others and want to have a significant role in the lives of students while adding to your own personal development, then go for it. To best position yourself, you should look at the application through the eyes of a potential employer and do your best to convey that you are responsible, organized, friendly, creative and resourceful.

Lassiter says you should apply if you feel passionate about getting to know others and enhancing the undergraduate experience.

Become an RA

We’ve got articles, videos and forum discussions that provide answers to all of your test prep, admissions and college search questions. Happy first day of classes to Amherst , U. We wish you a fruitful academic year! She speaks all over Maine on mental health issues.

House Dean no later than this date. 5) The RA 6) The RA will not be absent from the College House for more than two consecutive days without prior approval.

The Resident Assistant RA facilitates the social, academic, and personal adjustment of students to the residence hall and University. The RA develops a sense of community among residents as members of a floor, residents of a hall, and active participants in the residence life system. The RA serves as a positive role model to residents and peer staff members.

The RA acts as a liaison between residents and the University administration. At the time of application, the candidate must have a minimum of 12 completed semester hours at Missouri State and a Missouri State cumulative 2. Prior to participation in the Resident Assistant Program, the newly hired staff member must have a minimum of 24 completed semester hours at Missouri State and a Missouri State cumulative 2.

During participation in the Resident Assistant Program, RAs must earn credit hours per semester unless prior approval to do otherwise is obtained from the Associate Director of Residence Life. RAs must also maintain a semester and cumulative 2. These applicants will not be considered during the initial hiring process but may remain in the candidate pool for future consideration, providing all requirements stated above are met.

Prior to application, the applicant must have lived in any university housing for a minimum of one semester.

All R.A. Floor

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